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A Mobile Portfolio for On-The-Go Purposes

March 25, 2016

For any product designer out there, carrying around your large portfolio of your work samples is a hassle – to say the least. Now a days, it is a lot easier to direct a future employer to your website for them to check out your work. However, being creative in this forever demanding field is critical to shine those amazing skills. Here’s where MOO comes in. MOO, a online and print design company specializes in business cards created an app called MOO Monogram, a portfolio creation and presentation feature that anyone can build and understand.


For those who like to keep it simple, the platform is similar to a Pinterest board, but optimized for a smaller screen – like a smartphone. Designed to be used without Wi-Fi, MOO Monogram stores each miniature portfolio locally. Text cards can be injected into a presentation between photo cards to allow for easy flow. An alternative can be for those to upload it to a Powerpoint presentation via Airplay.

For those that prefer a visual presentation, MOO Monogram allows for a speedy, but consistent way to flow through pictures as elegantly as possible. Not only can you view presentations via Airplay, but users can assign a URL to their portfolio – which can be shared via all social media outlets or embedded into a website.



App development is becoming an increasingly demanding option for product development, maybe almost even necessary depending on the product. As we stumbled across this platform, we realized how much times have changed since we graduated from college and focused on getting our name out into the world of design. These new applications have become such an integrated part of our lives and we can’t wait to continue on building more apps for those to enjoy.

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