A Mascot Experience at the ASI Show in NYC

May 14, 2012

Just as our team enjoys helping young designers learn in a professional environment as interns at our studio, we thought it would also be nice to help a business student understand and experience grassroots marketing at a tradeshow. BuzzCo, LLC, the company who is behind the BuzzBrush®, created a mascot for the product and uses it at tradeshows throughout the U.S. Last week we had a business student in New York, Sam Kriesberg, dress up as the Buzz mascot for the ASI Show in New York City. He was asked to introduce people to the product and get their take on what they thought of it.

“Most people thought the BuzzBrush® was a great idea. They were very surprised to see how this small product was so useful as a keyboard cleaner. Some people even had me use the microfiber cloth on their iPhone, leading to reactions of amazement.

During my experience at the Javits Center, I must have spoken to over 60 people giving them details about the product. Even more prospects bypassed me and went directly to the representatives to speak. People would also come up to me and compliment the idea and look of the mascot and ask to take a picture with me. I realized I was the only mascot for a specific product at the show, which allowed me to grab the attention of many people who walked by. Overall my experience was fun and interesting, while also gaining knowledge of how tradeshows work, as well as marketing a new product.

One of the most important things I learned as a mascot was that enthusiasm is contagious. Each time I had a smile on my face, I had more prospects approaching me.”

We are happy that Sam had such a great experience and was able to come back to us with suggestions for future tradeshows on how BuzzCo can better market the BuzzBrush® through the mascot. He sent us a few photos from the day to share. Thanks for your help, Sam!

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