LABB Watch        

A Lego-Inspired Watch Band Strap

December 6, 2016

The LABB Watch is intricate, yet embodies a simplistic and minimalistic ethos that some will appreciate. The Silicone LABB band do not features and designs that are found on most traditional iWatch straps – most notably a buckle or strap. The designer, Benjamin Hubert, wanted to create a design that a strap that was effortless in use but remove material quantity and certain components.


As you can see, the strap was designed to interlock like Lego parts, allowing the user to fasten the strap quickly and efficiently with knowing that the strap is secure around the wrist. LABB, short for Loopless and Buckleless Band was designed for Noomoon, a Swiss design brand. They were founded due to a rising clientele of smartwatch wearers.


Due to the fact that most smartwatch users are likely to take their watch on and off throughout the course of the day, Noomoon wanted a strap designed to allow users to safely yet effectively take of their watches in a cinch.

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