A Ground-Up Reinvention of the Jawbone UP

November 28, 2012

When the Jawbone UP first came out last year, it had some harsh reviews and spent a short time on the market. It seemed that the biggest issue was its water-resistant properties, or, better yet, lack thereof. The missteps faced when it was first released led to a ground-up reinvention of the entire product. The company just announced a new version of the UP, a wristband that collects data based on your activity, sleep patterns, food and drink intake, and even mood tracking (among a number of other elements).

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The band pairs with an app to track your lifestyle activities. It gives you personal insight into your daily habits and how to improve them. And, it was tested repeatedly to make sure it really is water-resistant this time. This enables the user to wear it 24/7 to get the best results. We love the choice of colors. The one downside to this band is that it is only compatible with Apple products at this time, which means a lot of Smartphone users will have to try out the Nike fuel band if they want a similar device.

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The UP is a great example of how some of life’s most important lessons are learned by failure. You can read more on the product here and can check out the video below.

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