Washable Phone        

A Germophobe’s Dream Come True

December 8, 2015

Has anyone ever told you that your smartphone is probably one of the most disgusting products you own? It’s true. Our hands touch everything, and we touch our phones. It is inevitable that are phones contain germs that could spread elsewhere. Well, how does one go about cleaning their phone? Kyocera, a Japanese electronics manufacturer, just came up with the perfect solution. The Digno Rafre has the basic specs for a smartphone, pretty much like any other phone. There’s a camera, RAM, has 16GB and all of the necessary components for us to run our lives through technology. There’s one catch though – you can wash it with soap and water.


One would ask, is this possible? It is, considering that waterproof phones are a dime a dozen these days. Even the Digno Rafre has its limits, having Kyocera encourage their users not to scrub too hard, using foam-based soap and not soap bars.


However, the waterproof phone is only available in Japan and Kyocera doesn’t plan on selling it elsewhere. It’s a shame because as designers, we think that this would be a great product for those here in the USA who consider themselves germophobes.

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