A Fuel-Efficient Motorcycle Design by Yamaha

February 23, 2012

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With gas increasingly on the rise these days, this bike designed by Yamaha looks pretty amazing. The Y125 Moegi concept utilizes a very retro styling (which is based off the company’s first motorcycle), while bringing in new technologies and materials (90% of the bike is made of aluminum) to make it one of the lightest and most fuel-efficient motorcycles ever.

Yamaha invented the DiASil Cylinder for this bike. It is the “the world’s first mass-produced all-aluminum, die-cast motorcycle cylinder.” Engineers are saying the Moegi could achieve 188 mpg, which makes it nearly 4x as efficient as a typical motorcycle. Very cool concept. You can check out the full article with more details on the bike here.

Written By: Paul Fisher, Business Development Associate

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