IDEA 2013 Winners Represent the Many Aspects of Design

July 2, 2013

“This year IDEA experienced a healthy increase in participation, most notably in digital design, computer equipment and student entries, and a more international group of participants,” said IDEO’s Thomas Overthun, the IDEA 2013 jury chair.

“We saw design solving problems that years ago wouldn’t have been intuitive roles for designers to play—making government interesting and engaging, or designing a political campaign. And, we noticed a trend towards design touching more aspects of the user experience, the best entries excelling with a consistent approach to hardware, interaction, digital and packaging design.”

The IDEA winners this year were not only focused on product design, but also sustainability, interaction design, packaging, logo design, concept, strategy, and research. A few projects that highlight the range of winners are below.


Vacc-Stamp is stamp-style vaccine syringe for a baby which offers a safe and painless way to give vaccine shots. Since it does not look like a traditional syringe, it eases some of the stress of receiving a shot—for both the baby and the mother. The micro needle also reduces the baby’s pain when the shot is administered and prevents secondary infection.

Vacc- Stamp (photo from


In the event of natural disasters or emergencies, SpareOne provides an unparalleled lifeline as it is the only cell phone in the world powered by a standard AA battery. SpareOne works independently of a specific cellphone carrier with no monthly fees. This device would play a vital role in reconnecting families in times of need.

SpareOne (photo from

Obama for America Mobile Strategy

The design team was approached to design and develop a mobile strategy for President Barack Obama’s 2012 bid for reelection. This project has helped redefine the role of mobile computing in modern-day elections.

The application, which was part of a larger digital initiative, was completely location-aware, designed to automatically deliver timely information, push notifications and field directives straight from the campaign’s headquarters to people’s phones. By simply downloading the app anyone could join the campaign, become a field volunteer, collect donations, register voters or go door-to-door in their neighborhood or community to help get out the vote.

Obama for American Mobile Strategy (photo from

Samsung OLED Logo

The Samsung OLED TV Logo was designed to communicate a sense of life and vitality, which reflect the characteristics of organic light-emitting diodes (OLED): the new frontier of smart TVs. The concept behind the logo is a living organism full of abundant energy reflected in light. Although the O shape of the logo is borrowed from the word “organic” in “OLED,” it was also inspired by the word “originality” as a representation of the ultimate in originality that Samsung has created.

Samsung OLED logo (photo from

Clean Team – The Innovative, Affordable Sanitation Solution for Low-Income Communities in the Developing World

To address the lack of adequate sanitation facilities in Kumasi, Ghana, the Clean Team for Unilever + Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP) teamed up to provide a safe and suitable in-home sanitation solution. Users receive a portable toilet that is serviced three times a week and enables families to pay on an incremental basis.

Clean Team Sanitation Solution (photo from

You can check out all of the winners on IDSA’s website.

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