A Convenient Way to Organize Clothes

November 24, 2015

Having neatly folded clothes is one of the best feelings. However – not all of us are pros at folding our laundry. Our clothes get jumbled a few times a week and it spirals down from there. As the days roll on, it is less likely for us to keep our clothes neatly organized. Here comes Threadstax to the rescue. The system is genius for keeping clothes folded and organized, combining a three-part system.


The folder comes first, swinging the panels closed to fold your clothes with straight-edged creases. Perfect folding. Next are individual slides that separate your clothes from one another, making it extremely accessible to find what you are looking for. A magnetic edge lets you easily snap them in and out of the brackets, using a 3M Command Strip to adhere to any surface.


Apparently, 53% reported having clean clothes scattered all over, while 90% stated that they felt unmotivated to organize the clutter.

This is a great tool to get those motivated to have clean clothes folded at your fingertips.

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