Student Product Development        

8th Grade Presentations from Oriole Park School

March 31, 2015

A few weeks ago, Michael Prince, President of Beyond Design, was invited to be a judge, for 8th grade class presentations at Oriole Park School on the Northwest side of Chicago. He was real excited about the opportunity to be a guiding voice for young students, who have developed and executed their ideas. And to top it all off, the students received the BuzzPen, which was a huge hit!

Presentations were judged on a few things…

1. Product Description
2. What is the unmet need? What made you come up with this idea? Why is it useful?
3. Improvement: What make it better?
4. Who does it help? What helps it?
5. Why is it innovative? What makes it a new and creative design?


Here at Beyond Design, we make an effort to help students think about product design and all that you can do with it. With our experience, we have the knowledge, wisdom and drive to want to teach younger generations product development and how innovations can become successful in the marketplace.

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