7 Ways the Utensils You Use Change the Taste of Food [Fast Company]

July 16, 2013

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We recently designed a cutlery dispenser for US Foods which required extensive engineering, as well as developing a range of cutlery concepts that explore features, proportions, and aesthetics that work with the functionality of the dispenser. We came across an article on Fast Company’s site, 7 Ways the Utensils You Use Change the Taste of Food, which we found quite interesting – especially after working on the Simpull™ Cutlery Dispenser project.

A new study published in Flavour, by Oxford University’s Vanessa Harrar and Charles Spence, reveals that your utensils can very much affect the way you experience everything from the sweetness to the expensiveness of food. Below are the 7 ways they discovered that utensils affect the taste of your food:

1. Lighter utensils make food seem richer
2. Heavier utensils make food seem sweeter
3. Blue utensils, especially, make food taste saltier
4. Black utensils trend to sweet, white utensils trend to salty
5. Clashing, contrasting food and utensils affect how much people like food
6. Knives make food taste saltier
7. Fancy utensils don’t make food taste any better

You can read details on their findings and download the full study at the end of the article here.

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