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Ideas To Create A Productive Work Space

December 2, 2014

Located in the heart of the Ravenswood Corridor in Chicago, Beyond Design is a design consultancy firm with a design space that anyone would love to work in. Our studio was a lamp parts warehouse before it was converted into what we call our home away from home. A professional, welcoming and interesting design space makes our employees want to come to work everyday and enjoy what we have to offer here. Below is an article that we found from Fast Company that offers seven ways to improve your work space and make you more motivated to get your work done.


1. Minimize the Distractions: Keep it simple. We all know what it’s like to be connected to our phones, tablets and laptops but these items can unfortunately make it harder to concentrate on what is in front of us. Clean walls and views of the outside are always good backdrops, unless a meeting is occurring, where papers and presentations are a must.

2. Account for Noise: Level of music or noise is an important aspect of making sure that people can get their work done. Different colors of noise can work for people at different levels, especially when the culture and personality of those is not the same. Do what works best with your space to boost productivity and implement a positive work ethic. In addition, different ceiling heights can help with setting different noise levels around the office.


3. Furniture Matters: We all love comfortable chairs. However, comfortable chairs would allow us to never get our work done in a timely manner. Tables and power outlets around the work space will allocate for a relaxed setting to get the productivity levels flowing. Giving people options to walk around and move their legs is a healthy thing to do, and is becoming popular. For those who cannot stand, chairs are a second option, but moving around is always good for your health. For those who want to go above and beyond, treadmill desks are the up and coming new way to work and exercise.

4. Look for Light: Natural light is something that we all love, especially when the weather is cooperating for whatever part of the country you live in. By providing additional light sources, it makes for good moods and laughter around the office. Changing light color and even providing lamps can make for a fun office space.




5. Include a View: Having a courtyard or a beautiful view of the outdoors can drastically change the work ethic of those around you. Pretty views and staring off for a minute can kick start your memory, just in case you forgot your train of thought.


6. Have Fun: While plants and lights are nice to look at, fun games and knick-knacks to play around with throughout the day make for a small break. Puzzles, etch-a-sketches and silly putty are all harmless but fun ways to get your brain thinking, while taking a pause from looking at your computer screen for a few minutes.


7. Keep it Fresh: Cleaning out the refrigerator is a must-do habit every week. Stale food that is sitting, rotting and smelling up the kitchen is a bad start to the weekend and keeps people from feeling and being healthy. There’s nothing worse than sick people not being productive because of their health.

We loved reading this article because a lot of it pertains to how we work at Beyond Design. We love open work spaces, great views of our courtyard, our music selection and most of all, the fun, exciting and talented people that we work with on a day-to-day basis. Our pictures of our awesome studio prove our point. To see the full article, click here.

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