3D Printed Record

September 16, 2013

As 3D printing becomes more available to the general public, it is important to understand all the possibilities that lie within the technology. Once considered to be obsolete or purely collector’s items, vinyl records, or LP’s have made a sudden return to the market as a prominent music format for the average consumer. In the last 10 years, record manufacturing and distribution has re-emerged as a category not only for the reprintings of old albums, but for more and more current bands who are making their music available in an LP format. For the average consumer, recording and making your own LP had been nearly impossible as of late. That is, until the 3D printer came along.

Recently, a DIY researcher named Amanda Ghassaei was able to devise code that converted multiple audio files into a single printable file. She then used a 3D printer to yield a fully functional and perfectly audible LP record. With only a few minor hitches (printed material vs. actual vinyl, overall sound quality), Amanda broke open the market for the average consumer or musician to develop their own MP3 to LP conversion with future refinements. Her video demonstration of the final product is shown below.

3D Printed Record from Amanda Ghassaei on Vimeo.

To read how we use our 3D printer, check out our blog post: 3D Printing and Why We Love Our MakerBot. For more on Amanda Ghassaei’s story, click here.

Written by: Courtney Blum, Account Executive, Beyond Design, Inc.

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