3-D Printing + Prosthetics        

3-D Printing is Becoming a Life Changing Device

December 26, 2014

Prosthetics have always been known as being expensive for those who need them and can bare a heavy financial burden on family members. Now, these devices can be built through a 3-D printer, making them extremely affordable, taking away the burden for those families who have children or family members that need a prosthetic. Anyone that has access to a 3-D printer and materials can custom make and print the design plan that they foresee for their prosthetic. Colorful and lightweight 3-D printed hands can be at no cost for those who are in need. Each hand cost just $50 in materials.


3-D prosthetic hands and arms are much easier to fix and replace, being that a part can be replaced in a matter of hours with no special ordering that needs to be sent out. They are made of a durable plastic that allows hands and arms to be worn in the shower, giving user’s that sense of independence that they have longed for. Especially for those who wear prosthetics, privacy and dignity are major factors to think about, so this gives them the opportunity to be like everyone else.


Teaching students science, math and engineering, organizations that create 3-D prosthetics hope to create missions to serve underprivileged nations and to build awareness for those in need. The greatest part about 3-D printers making these awesome tools for those in need is that anyone can access prosthetic designs and create them within a few hours.


We love this idea of being able to give back to the community, along with building prosthetics using a 3-D printer. We love our Makerbot and can only imagine what the future will hold for these machines going into the future.

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