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3-D Printed DNA Shoe

January 20, 2015

The idea of getting your foot scanned and having a shoe that forms perfectly to that scan is one of the most interesting concepts that we have heard of here at Beyond Design. The concept is designed to capture a person’s unique movement to form a custom profile that can be 3-D printed. Not only can the shoe be 3-D printed, but the color can be custom changed to fit the user’s personality and likes.


Pushing the boundaries of 3-D printing is definitely visible in this concept, along with creating a special personalization for each user. The DNA shoe allows for individual anatomical and biomedical data to create a shoe not only to fit a person’s foot, but to also contour the way the feet move and conquer the athletic requirements they partake in.


Creating possibilities in 3-D printing can allow for endless opportunities in the long run for design and engineering companies. Technology and material advancements used for certain products and items can make this concept a reality one day, and not limiting 3-D printing machines to having just a render or virtual concept that cannot physically be used.


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