109th Chicago Auto Show Kicks off 2017        

2017 Chicago Auto Show

February 13, 2017

This past weekend the Chicago Auto Show held its 109th edition since its start in 1901. From February 11th until the 20th you can visit the McCormick Center and experience the showcase of nearly 1000 different vehicles. Below are some notable cars to catch this year:

Kid’s Attraction: Nissan came up with this Rogue One concept car which is equipped with X-Wings and a passenger ready R-2 D -2. The galactic vehicle looks authentically “flown” and has trademark empire and rebellion symbols. The driver can choose which side to pledge their allegiance. For R-2 D-2 sake, hopefully it is the latter. There is also a life size LEGO bat mobile on display this year made of thousands of lego parts.

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Flashy Find: Supercars are a major attraction at this year’s CAS. Check out the compact Lotus Evora – the 400 horsepower mean machine that goes from 0-to-60 mph in 4.1 seconds. Similarly, the 4 seater 2018 Lexus LC boosts 471 horsepower and has a 10-speed automatic transmission. The Lexus LC also comes in a hybrid version.

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Practical Find: As the largest consumer show in the U.S, the CAS has a broader mix of options for those looking to actually purchase a new vehicle rather than ogle at speedy, unobtainable sports cars. The Nissan Titan XD King Cab pickup truck is a popular stand out this year. The limited debut truck is Nissan’s proud “new baby” as Fred Diaz (VP and GM of Nissan North American) calls it.

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