2013 IDSA International Conference :: Highlights from Day Two

August 22, 2013

The 2013 IDSA International Conference kicked off yesterday with an Education Symposium, the IDEA Ceremony, and the Opening Party (which was a blast). Today has been filled with some great speakers, good conversations, and the chance to see the top 10 3D printed cars that will be in the competition on Saturday (all of them are shown below).

Make sure to check out the silent auction if you are attending – some very cool stuff. We’re looking forward to the many parties tonight and the Unconference tomorrow! Be sure to stop by our booth and say hello!

Ben Hopson speaks about kinetic design.

Mark Dziersk and John Edson of Lunar

Beyond Design Booth at IDSA International Conference

Silent Auction

3D Print Challenge at 12pm Saturday

Pop Car by Beyond Design, Inc.

IDSA International Conference

RocketMan! by Matt Lyle

Drag&Fly by Brian Hamilton

Liquid Pinewood Derby Car by Thomas Davis

Airwave Toy Car by Noam Yaish and Konstantin Ziman

The Balloona Flying Car by Reut Kovetz

The Vortex by Kaleidoscope

Donkey Kong Derby Car by Priority Designs

3D Printed Spring Car by Chris Savage

The Glider by Kaleidoscope Design Team

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