2011 IDEA Winners: Our Favorites

July 5, 2011

The IDEA Award winners were announced last week and there are several really great projects. Out of 524 finalists, 27 were honored with the Gold Award, while 68 received the Silver Award and 96 won the Bronze Award. Our team at Beyond received two finalist nominations for our design of the BuzzBrush® and the Aero Pakmat®. A few of our favorite projects are highlighted below. Congrats to everyone who received an award!

TDK Life on Record Audio Line: Gold

The TDK Life on Record 2011 Audio Line combines the TDK Sound Cube, TDK Two Speaker Boombox, TDK Three Speaker Boombox and TDKs USB Belt Drive Turntable to create a rich and highly visual connection between the listener and their music. This new line of premium audio equipment from TDK and Ziba Design reinvented the boombox with a clean and striking design.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner: Gold
The 787 Dreamliner by The Boeing Design Team and TEAGUE Design, features an expansive inner architecture as well as dynamic LED lighting that replicates day-to-night light patterns, substantially bigger windows, and larger stow bins. It has been one of the most successful commercial airplane launches in the history of aviation with more than 800 orders valued at $164 billion. The increased space makes for a more comfortable flight and is much more appealing to passengers.

PUMA Clever Little Bag: Gold
PUMA’s Clever Little Bag is a sustainable solution in packaging design. A cardboard sheet folds into a box structure, which holds the shoes and fits into a cloth bag. It uses 65% less paper and requires 60% less fuel to ship.

The Pure Water Bottle: Silver
The Pure Water Bottle filters and sterilizes water from any source (no matter how disgusting the water looks) within two minutes. Designed by Timothy Whitehead of Loughborough University (United Kingdom), he used a combination of a 4 micron-sized water filter and a wind-up ultra violet light system to clean the water of 99.9% of its impurities.

The HOC Power Tool for Victim Extrication: Silver
The HOC Power Tool for Victim Extrication is ergonomically designed to give rescuers the leverage they need to cut victims out of wrecks in order to save a life.

The Leverage Freedom Chair: Bronze
The Leverage Freedom chair, from MIT Mobility Lab and Continuum, is designed to give wheelchair users the same access to the woods, trails and difficult terrain that mountain bike riders have. It provides the leverage to go up steep slopes and places the typical wheelchair can’t.

Blink EV Chargers: Bronze
With electric vehicles gaining mainstream attention, frog design partnered with ECOtality to create a family of fast charging stations. Known collectively as Blink, this family of electric vehicle chargers can be easily integrated into different environments—and charge a car in about 90 minutes. The three products consist of a wall-mounted unit for overnight charging in private garages or carports, a pedestal unit for retail locations and a DC Fast Charging unit for gas stations and in between major commute corridors throughout the country.

To view all of the winners and finalists, visit the IDEA 2011 Gallery.

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