Ryan Davis


I grew up in Metro Detroit. As a child, I always had a pencil in my hand. My parents bought me a Walt Disney art book that showed me how to develop and create cartoon characters from scratch. It was relatively advanced; showing how a body reacts and bends in motion, and how the body is basically made from basic shapes, much like the human figure classes taught in college. This was in essence my first lesson in understanding how a form follows function. Fast forward a few years, I wanted to pursue a profession that involved my creativity, artistic ability, problem solving capabilities and my overall personality. I decided to pursue Product Design at The College For Creative Studies in Detroit, MI. I would like to believe I have a holistic approach and the skill representation that demonstrates that through my work. My passion for the industry drives my positive attitude, day in and day out. Passion is what feeds my ambition, curiosity, and creativity. Curiosity is another factor that sparked my interest in design. Each project has its own unique journey that starts with a question and through the design process, ends with a story to be shared.

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