Justin Wear

Industrial Design Intern

The best part of Beyond Design was the space. It was gorgeous, fun and collaborative. I loved the Cintiq station which allowed everyone to comment on each other’s designs. The outdoor space was also fantastic in the summer and allowed the team to bond. Coming into Beyond Design as an engineer, I learned solid modeling, but came out with a great appreciation of industrial design, aesthetics, design research, and sketching. And prototyping. We were always cutting foam core, shaping modeling foam, or building something in the shop. It was a great hands-on experience and helped evaluate and evolve designs. Beyond Design helped present me with different options for what I could do with my career and I decided that I wasn’t content just with engineering – I wanted to work in the overlap between engineering, design, and business. That drove me to explore more options in the design field and finally end up on design research.

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