John Dutton

Industrial Design Intern

The best part of Beyond Design was the people I had the privilege of working with. They are a close knit family of extremely talented and creative people that didn’t think twice about welcoming me into their group. During my time at Beyond Design, I gained mentors and friends that I will always value and learn from still to this day. I learned so much during my internship at Beyond Design. As a student working in a design consultancy for the first time, the most valuable asset I gained was experience. Being involved in the strategic process employed by Beyond Design through research, ideation, and concept development helped me develop invaluable design methods. Another key takeaway from my internship was the refinement of my core design skills. As I worked alongside masters in sketching, CAD modeling, and rendering, I was able to learn new techniques and processes that progressed my work to the next level. Lastly, I took with me the recognition that great collaboration leads to great innovation.

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