Company:             Beyond Design, Inc.

Date:                      01-09-18

Position:                Manager of Research and Strategy 

Experience:           5+ years

Beyond Design, Inc. is an award winning, full-service product development consultancy with a 20+ year history of bringing innovation and product strategy to our clients. Our Chicago office is searching for an exceptionally creative (smart-working, fun-loving) product design researcher to join our cross-disciplinary team. Specifically, we are seeking an experienced Manager of Research and Strategy, with expertise in research and strategy for product development and innovation, while showcasing their ability to better understand human behavior and the methods and techniques to get there.

You will be responsible in helping uncover latent user needs and behaviors, coordinating and moderating research sessions, and analyzing the information to find creative and actionable insights. The ideal candidate is a strong moderator, has a big personality and isn’t afraid to speak in front of others to showcase their innate ability to understand the process of product development. You should also have excellent graphic skills and the knowledge of showing data analyzing skills through convincing infographics.  It’s time to make our studio grow and thrive with the help of a product researcher that has the ability to dive deeper into product development and understand the solutions behind the problem.

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Please submit your resume along with portfolio sample saved as a single PDF document no larger than 5mb. Please include links to websites and other interactive samples. All submission will be kept confidential. Submissions without portfolio samples will not be considered.


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