Crayola Releases New Blue Crayon        

Dandelion Out, Bluetiful In

September 19, 2017

Last week, after two months and over 90,000 submissions, Crayola announced their new blue crayon to be called “Bluetiful.”  The new hue of blue was recently discovered unintentionally by scientists at Oregon State University who were experimenting with different electronic materials. This is the 19th shade of blue from Crayola and will replace the retired dandelion crayon at the end of the year.  Dandelion joins a dozen other classic colors on the Crayola shelf, including Blizzard Blue, Teal, and Mulberry.

Bluetiful out numbered the other submissions – Dreams Come Blue, Star Spangled Blue, Blue Moon Bliss, Reach for the Stars – winning 40% of the votes.  Although it won fairly handily, the imaginative name choice is drawing some backlash because it is not an actual word. Online critics think the made up term will confuse children and cause confusion. Despite the criticism, Crayola still plans to release the new color in the upcoming months.

For more on Bluetiful, or Bea for short, visit Crayola’s website for a full bio on the shy, coding, DIY loving new crayon.

All images courtesy of Crayola.

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